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This herbal tincture helps to bring relief from headaches and other body pains. Combined with powerful anti-inflammatories and nervine herbs, this blend will help relieve pain and the anxiety that often comes with it. 


About the Herbs:

  • Turmeric is gaining increased popularity in western medicine & has been used in Ayurvedic & Traditional Chinese Medicine for thousands of years. Traditionally, this herb was used for digestive health, immune support, brain health, and for its beauty benefits on the skin. Today, clinical research focuses mostly on its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Curcuminoids, a family of active compounds in turmeric, have been widely studied in western medicine and are glorified for their ability to scavenge for free radicals in the body. 
  • Kava has been used traditionally by Pacific Islanders for over 3,000 years and is known as an anxiolytic herb, meaning that it is used to reduce anxiety. Kava roots contain a variety of stress reducing compounds called kavalactones, which have sedative and numbing effects on the nervous system. Aside from its calming and relaxing qualities, studies show great promise for Kava to support healthy lung tissue and act as a pain-relieving aid. 
  • Holy Basil (Rama) also known as Tulsi is known for its cooling, mellow flavors. It is also one of the most revered adaptogens in Ayurvedic Medicine. Adaptogens are a form of herbal medicine that promote homeostasis and help your body adapt to stress in a healthy way by regulating the stress hormones (like cortisol) in your body. Don't get me wrong, we need these "stress" hormones to stay healthy, but too much can cause a variety of symptoms including weight gain, mood swings, anxiety, chest pain, and so on. Adaptogens like Holy Basil work to regulate the body's stress response and keep it at a healthy level! With its calming energy, tulsi can also help uplift a low/negative mood.
  • Passionflower is a very nutrient dense nervine herb, containing phenols, flavonoids, tocopherol, ascorbic acid, & much more! It also boosts the production of GABA in the brain, promoting deep relaxation. Passionflower also promotes nutrition uptake at a cellular level, meaning it will restore debilitated nerve centers. During times of stress, this medicinal plant will help reduce tension and promote a calm and quiet mind.
  • Black Pepper has also been widely used in Ayurvedic medicine for its digestive, anti-inflammatory, and immune supporting properties. Research shows that piperine, the active compound in black pepper, supports the absorption of other herbs, specifically curcumins or turmeric. In fact, one study showed that the combination of black pepper and turmeric increased the bioavailability of nutrients by over 154%. 


All ingredients used are certified USDA organic and of top quality!

Pain & Anxiety Tincture (2oz)

  • Dose: Use 20-60 drops as needed under the tongue or mixed into another liquid. Do not use with alcohol or other medications. Excess use may cause drowsiness. 

    (Each dropper full contains 30 drops)

    *Please use responsibly, maximum use one month

    *Do not use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.


  • My goal is to help you be healthy and happy! With that said, if you are unsatisfied with your order, please reach out by sending an email so I can assist you in returning/refunding your product or finding something more suitable for your needs! Any and all feedback is appreciated.