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Herbal tea-tox for liver support, better skin, & a healthy stomach. Dandelion is one of the highest beta-carotene containing herbs on the planet, which is why it has been utilized in traditional medicines for the prevention of certain cancers (especially prostate cancer), stroke & heart disease to name a few. Dandelion is also a great liver cleanser, helping it stay healthy and function efficiently. Reishi has also been utilized in traditional medicine and has dubbed the name "the mushroom of immortality". High in beta-glucans & alpha-glucans, reishi is another great preventative herb that helps modulate the immune system, support the liver, & promote mental clarity!


About the Herbs:

  • Reishi is a highly utilized mushroom in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), known as the mushroom of immortality! It was considered a tonic for vital energy, or Qi. In TCM, this concept is thought of as a force field around the host that protects overall health and vitality. Modern studies have shown reishi to be useful in cardiovascular support, immune support, promoting healthy stress response, and providing energy & stamina.
  • Dandelion Root is highly nutrient dense. In fact, it is one of the highest containing plants of beta-carotene! It is low in calories and high in fiber, antioxidants, Vitamin K, and Vitamin C. Dandelion has been widely used in traditional medicines tracing all the way back to 659 B.C. Traditionally, it has been used to cure digestive dysfunction, relieve pain, and heal the liver. Today, studies show that dandelion root can aid in killing cancer cells, cleansing the liver, reducing cholesterol, promoting skin health, fighting bacterial infections,  and strengthening bones.
  • Orange Peel has been widely used in TCM for mild indigestion, nausea, and constipation. It has also been used in other traditional medicines as a bitter tonic, which is known for stimulating appetite and helping to support bile production and release digestive enzymes & stomach acid, ultimately helping the digestive process. Orange peel is also known for its highly effective lung cleansing effects! It has a high amount of histamine reducing compounds which are effective at providing support for problematic respiratory indications. 
  • Cinnamon is a simple digestive aid that is also high in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. It is commonly used to reduce bloating, reduce gas, decrease the amount of glucose that enters the bloodstream after a meal, and lowering carbon dioxide levels in the stomach. Cinnamon is also great for calming the nerves and easing symptoms of anxiety & depression. This makes sense because when the second brain (the gut) is able to function optimally, it is able to generate healthier amounts of happy hormones (like serotonin, 90% of which is made in the gut!).


All ingredients used are certified USDA organic and of top quality!

Zen Detox Tea w/ Free Teabag (2oz.)

  • Use & Dosage: For best results use this tea 1-3 times daily. It does not contain caffeine & makes a great bed time tea. For best results, use this tea in the early morning and after meals.

    Add 1-2 tablespoons of tea to your reusable organic cotton tea bag & let it steep for approx. 20 minutes. Each bag contains approximately 20-30 brews.

  • My goal is to help you be healthy and happy! With that said, if you are unsatisfied with your order, please reach out by sending an email so I can assist you in returning/refunding your product or finding something more suitable for your needs! Any and all feedback is appreciated.

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